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A brand is so much more than just a logo or a pretty font. At its heart, a brand conveys a sense of consistency and familiarity to people. A good brand will bring comfort and trust to your audience. The logo, fonts, and colors are all just building blocks. The magic lies in finding the right blocks that fit together to construct the perfect brand for your business + goals.


The name of the game online is 'diversify.' You don't need to be everywhere all at once, but you do want to make it as easy as possible for your community to find you. We'll make sure your website and social media presence are working together as a team (visually) and helping your community feel connected no matter where they interact with you.


No two businesses are alike. Some make physical products, some digital, some dabble in a bit of both. No matter what, we'll explore your business needs, collaborate, do a little brainstorming and figure out what additional design items will best help you meet your business goals.


Hey There!

I'm Elissa Mae, a Seattle based multi-passionate designer with a mission to help creative entrepreneurs launch their online business with confidence, through stunning brand experiences.

But more than that, I live for empowering you and your big dreams.

Whether you're in the first few months of your new business or looking to continue to grow your flourishing empire, I'm here to spark some creative confidence and get to work.

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Elissa Merola, Owner + Creative Director

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