Studio Soundtrack: Almost Spring 2019


Curious about what I listen to while I work my creative magic? While I am a big fan of creative business podcasts, and getting my video game fix via Twitch streams (hello, guilty pleasure), I mostly rely on a really good soundtrack to keep me in the flow of crafting for clients. I enjoy a wide variety of music, so I really like to take the time to curate my own playlist with each season and fill them with tracks that I really love at that time to help keep me relaxed and focused. A good song is just magical that way for me. :)

Elissa's Studio Soundtrack - Almost Spring 2019

So with all of that said, here is the Almost Spring 2019 playlist that I started at the end of January and will continue to add to throughout the season. If you’re a Spotify fan like me, you can use this link to listen in the app. Or you can stay right here and stream the playlist below!

Happy listening! And if you have any Spotify playlist recommendations of your own, feel free to share them in the comments section. I’m always up for discovering new-to-me music!

— Elissa