These are the tools that we use (or have used in the past) to make life so much easier and we wanted to share them all with you! We’ll keep curating this page as we add more awesome tools to our life.

Not everything is an affiliate link, but there are a few and we marked them with * so you’ll know. You’re welcome.



How to Build a Brand by Felicia Sullivan

I say this a lot and I’m going to keep saying it, there is A LOT of work to be done before you go out and get yourself a brand identity. This is usually referred to as brand development and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then this How to Build a Brand series by Felicia Sullivan is a must read!

1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

If you run your own business and you’re feeling a bit of information overload from all the research you’ve been doing, stop for a minute. Take a breathe. Pour yourself a glass of wine. And pick up this book. You can actually borrow it for free on Amazon, if you have Amazon Prime!

It is honestly one of the best small business books I’ve read. Period. Don’t be fooled by the title, it goes WAY beyond “just” marketing. Allan does a simply amazing job of distilling all of the super important information about the how-tos of running a business in an easily digestible way that’ll have you saying “oh! ok, yeah! that makes sense, I can totally do that.”

If you’re not much of a reader (truth time! I don’t enjoy reading at all, but some how I was able to devour this book in 3 days) you can check out the website for the book here:

Falling into Freelance from Phoebe & Kate

If you’ve spent any time at all Googling various phrases to figure out what in the heck you’re supposed to do when it comes to your freelancing business, this guide was made for you. Seriously. Not a joke, not a marketing scheme. It was actually created FOR YOU. (yes! YOU!) Not only do you need this, you actually WANT this. This might be the first time in your life you’ll ever want to hug a PDF file. I certainly did!


Business Tools


I. LOVE. WORKFLOWS! Dubsaso keeps the fundamental systems of our business humming along with minimal effort. Thank you, workflows! And yup, that’s an affiliate link. Use that when you create your account and you’ll get 20% off of your first month or year (depending on which payment plan you choose)! And when you do, we’ll get a month free.


It’s no secret that we absolutely adore Squarespace around here. It’s seriously the overall easiest platform to use for your business website.


Newsletters. Every business NEEDS to have a newsletter and a way for your people to subscribe to it! Mailchimp not only makes it easy breezy to create inbox-perfect email templates, but it’s also VERY Squarespace friendly when it comes to building our your email list. And if you sign up using our affiliate link, we’ll both get $30 in MonkeyRewards! Win-win!


The projects that we work on have a lot of back & forth collaboration and moving pieces in a relatively short timeframe. That means that project management is absolutely key for meeting deadlines. This is why we absolutely LOVE Asana. It keeps all our ducks in a row and means that no one needs to dig through endless email threads to find vital information.


We don’t use this all the time, but every now and then we like to do a weekly audit and track when we’re working to see where exactly our time is being spent. Harvest is our favorite tool for time tracking! 


Creative Inspiration


Not your typical stock photography and best of all it’s free to use!

Google Fonts

If you need a high quality font on a budget, almost nothing can beat free. Google fonts are fantastic since they’re ready for both print & digital use.


We’re highly visual learners at Elissa Mae Creative.


Because every now and then you just want to look at pretty type combos.


Financial Tools


As a visual thinker, having all of our financial captured in one place really helps us get a handle on things. This is why we love using to keep track of all our financial accounts. Not mention, it make organizing transactions for tax time a breeze!

Amy Northard, CPA

If you run a business, you absolutely need an accountant and a CPA. And possibly more important than that, you want to find one who really understands your specific business needs. If you’re a creative entrepreneur and you’re looking for a modern CPA, Amy Northard is your gal!


Social Media Tools

Unum App

A design platform to capitalize on the most powerful form of digital communication — visual storytelling. We love using this app to plan our Instagram content in advance. It helps us ensure we’re putting varied content out

Snapseed App

This is my favorite photo editing app because it gives you so much control over your editing. If you’re like me, a single filter just won’t do. The selection tool in this app let’s me tweak specific sections of a photo, rather than the entire photo at once. Perfection!


IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That” and it can almost be your personal assistant. You can choose from existing applets to automate parts of your workflow, or create your own custom applet with a view mouse clicks, no programming skill necessary! We love using this to have our Instagram posts automatically post to our Twitter, so that the posted image displays in the tweet and it’s not just a link.


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