Tailored to Fit Your Business

Businesses and their owners are all different and they rarely ever fit perfectly into predefined boxes. Fortunately, we can make that work in our favor by embracing collaboration. Sometimes all it takes is a quick chat with a like-minded professional to find answers to those abstract questions and gain clarity about the next steps you should take towards your goals.

Initial consultations are always free and highly recommended!



Elissa Mae Creative • Brand Styling Concept - Mood Board


A brand is so much more than a logo or a pretty font. At its heart, the purpose of a brand is to convey a sense of consistency and familiarity. A good brand will bring comfort and trust to the audience. The logo, fonts, and colors are all just building blocks. The magic lies in finding the right blocks that fit together to construct the perfect brand for your business goals.

Brand identity includes the following:

  • logo
  • logo variation(s)
  • mark
  • color palette
  • style guide
  • social media assets (up to 4)
Elissa Mae Creative • Dearest & Darling Website Design Layout


Your website is the digital home for your business. It's a place for you to warmly welcome in your community from all points of the internet. And like any lively home, the hustle and bustle of everyday life should be as easy and effortless as possible. Squarespace makes it easy to keep your digital home looking clean and fresh (hello, new brand) while also easy to keep up to date.

Your website is built + hosted on Squarespace and includes these pages:

  • landing/home
  • about
  • services/products
  • portfolio/shop
  • contact
  • blog
Elissa Mae Creative • Dearest & Darling Wedding Worksheet Concept Layout


No two businesses are alike. Some make physical products, some digital, some dabble in a bit of both. No matter what, we'll explore your business needs, collaborate, do a little brainstorming and figure out what additional design items will best help you meet your business goals.

Additional design examples:

  • business cards
  • stickers / labels
  • hang tags
  • stationary
  • postcards / thank you cards
  • pdf workbook

Heather Allison, Dearest & Darling

"Elissa is AMAZING. I couldn’t have been happier with the process and end result. She created a beautiful logo design, website, and supplemental brand assets for my wedding planning business. All of which far exceeded my expectations. She had really quick turnaround time with all drafts and revisions, and always made me feel as if she truly cared about my business. I never felt like I was just another project with her. I can’t rave enough about my experience with Elissa and highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with company design elements."

Heather Allison, Dearest & Darling

What to Expect

Consistent structure allows me to create with ease, so I follow the same workflow process for every client project, regardless of size or scope.



I begin every project in the same way; by consulting and collaborating with YOU. We'll discuss your business, your goals, your vision and get to know each other. This is a perfect time to ask me any questions you may have. I'll create a tailored project proposal after our chat and you can sign off on it and submit a 50% deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar.


My first step in the creative process is always to get inspired through research. I'll review your homework and Pinterest board, and do a bit of my own research on everything that may be relevant to the project and your business. All of that will be distilled and compiled into a comprehensive strategy guide, including the visual direction for your brand. The goal for strategizing is to make sure that we're both on the same page before moving forward.


Once we're certain that we're in sync, I'll get to work on creating a complete brand design concept. I understand that it can be hard to visualize what an entire brand will look like from a handful of rough logo ideas. So instead, I'll deliver a single, fully fleshed out concept that will showcase how your logo, mark, color palette, and typography will work together using mockups (such as business cards, social media, product packaging, etc.).


After I receive your feedback on the brand design concept, we'll work together to refine it to perfectly reflect your brand's ethos. This usually does not take more than two rounds of refinement. (Any refinement beyond two rounds will be billed hourly) Then I'll craft your brand style guide that will fully define the visual identity for your brand and serve as the master brand design reference for your business.


With the final approved brand style guide by my side, I'll get to work crafting every asset you need to make your business thrive, whether it's business cards, a social media graphics suite, a custom Squarespace website with an e-commerce shop, or everything but the kitchen sink, that will all happen at what feels like the very end. But don't fret, I'll share my progress with you so you have time to request any minor alterations that may come up.


Aaand we did it! Everything is in place and your brand identity is out there sharing your business with the world and attracting people who share in your business' ethos. I'll write about the creative process behind your brand right here on the blog and spread the word about it across social media. And of course, if there is any other work that I can help you with in the future my digital door will always be open!


Getting excited yet?

You work hard to share your story, your brand and website should too.